GlockSmith Block

I wanted to create a block that Glock Armorers could use to perform Glock-Smithing tasks regardless of Glock model.

GlockSmith Block Naked 2

GlockSmith Block Naked Showing New PinsSo far it has spots for:

– Trigger Shoe Removal and Install

GlockSmith Block Trigger Shoe Pin Install GlockSmith Block Trigger Shoe Pin Remove

– Connector Adjustments

GlockSmith Block Connector Adjuster

– Trigger Jig

GlockSmith Block Trigger Jig

Showing the new pins:

GlockSmith Block Trigger Jig New Pin
GlockSmith Block Trigger Jig with new pin

– Firing Pin Spring and Cup(s) replacement

GlockSmith Block Firing Pin

It has been working out pretty good for me. If you have suggestions or ideas hit me up using the info below.

Download HERE

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